Message from the head
Admission information

All students of the Department of Korean Studies are eligible to receive a 50% tuition scholarship for $ semesters if they maintain a GPA of 3.0 (B) of above.

A few exceptional students of the Korean Language Education and Korean Studies will receive a 100% tuition scholarship for 4 semesters after undergoing a screening process.

Students who are recognized to need more help for living or to be excellent in his or her studies could be receive additional scholarship after screening of Head of Korean Studies from the “Ra Jong-yil Scholarship Fund”.

The entrance fee will not be waived however.

한국학과에 입학하는 모든 외국인 학생들은 학점 3.0(B) 이상을 취득 할 시 4학기 동안 50%의 장학금 혜택이 주어집니다.

일부 한국어교육-한국학 전공 지원자는 심사를 거친 뒤 4학기 동안 100%의 장학금 혜택이 주어집니다.

생활이 어렵거나 성적이 우수하다고 인정된 학생은 한국학과 학과장의 심사를 거쳐 “라종일 장학기금”으로부터 추가적으로 장학혜택을 받을 수 있습니다.

입학금은 면제되지 않습니다.

Other Scholarships for International Students

A. Hanyang International Scholarship Program (HISP)
    HISP grantees are selected based on scholastic achievement at their previously attended institution among applicants who are eligible to apply for the HISP.
  • 1) Qualification: GPA from the previously attended institution must be 80 or higher when converted to a 100 scale
  • 2) Benefits: 100%, 70% or 50% reduction in tuition
  • 3) Scholarship period: Eight semesters (undergraduate) or four semesters (postgraduate)

B. Hanyang International Excellence Awards (HIEA)
    HIEA is awarded to international students who have achieved notable academic progress at Hanyang University.
  • 1) Qualification: Students who achieve a minimum GPA of 3.0 the previous semester
  • 2) Recipients are selected by paper screening and interview. Recipients will receive 70%, 50% or 30% tuition reduction according to their evaluation results.
  • 3)Scholarship period: One semester

C. Hanyang Scholarship for Excellence in Language Proficiency
    Hanyang Scholarship for Excellence in Language Proficiency is awarded to applicants who have passed the TOPIK level 5 or 6, or achieved a TOEFL IBT score of 90 or higher.
  • 1) Benefits: 30% reduction in tuition
  • 2) Scholarship period: The first semester only
  • ※ TOEFL score is not applicable to native speakers of English