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Evgeniya Kim Russia    
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- Evgeniya Kim
- Masters (Graduate, 2009-2011)
- Working at SK Telecom
- Seoul, Republic of Korea
Dear newcomers,
Department of Korean studies in GSIS, Hanyang University opens the door to the whole new world in your life. For the next couple of years you will experience not only studying and educating yourself in academic terms, but also joining the big family of Korean studies department.

For those who pursue widening their knowledge about Korea and Korean culture – this is the best place to be, to stay and to study.

As a former student of Korean studies department I highly recommend joining our school and be prepared for the life time experience! You’ll be surrounded by people from all over the world, sharing the same passion for Korean culture. All the courses are taught by highly professional academics and lecturers, and of course, major and most valuable asset of our department – Professor Kim Youen who will guide you as a professor, and as a good friend you can always rely on during your stay.

It’s been almost two years since I have graduated however whenever I think about my time at Korean studies in Hanyang University it always brings some great memories. Not only I had a chance to study in one of the most prestigious schools in Korea but also to become a part of something special and unique – a part of Korean studies department, GSIS, Hanyang University.