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Janna Ballod Russia    
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- Janna Ballod (Russian Federation)
- Professor
- International Language and Business Department
- Seokyung University
Over a life time a person is expected to change his or her career more than three times. So after having worked for several years for the Russian Embassy, and various Russian-Korean projects, I felt a desire to pursue a different career path. That is how, in my 30s, I took the bold decision to earn a doctorate degree and applied for the Department of Korean Studies. Why GSIS Korean studies program at Hanyang University? In the first place, the appeal of this program for me was in the possibility to learn how to implement academic skills in practice– through participation in conferences and round table discussions with international scholars, and through research projects and academic paper competitions. Second, I fancied the comprehensive insight of the region from the different angles: economic, political, historical and cultural. And of course, here I found new friends and caring teachers. Now I am confident that my decision to receive a degree with the department of Korean studies was surely a wise one. Here I could develop professional competence and pursue a new and exciting career within academia.