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Jody Simpton Canada    
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- Korean Studies Department, Hanyang University
- Nicole Jody Shipton, Ph.D.
- Professor of Tourism and Leisure Management Dept., Induk Univeristy
People often ask me “So you must really like Korea?”, when they hear that I have been living now in Korea for about fourteen years. And to them I reply, “Korea chose me.” I was very fortunate to have been given a few very good opportunities in Korea, all of which have been cumulatively building me up as a person, and making me into more and more of an image of “success” as member of the foreign community here in Korea. It was with the aid of Prof. Youen Kim of the Korean Studies Department at Hanyang University that I received a full scholarship to study my PhD, specializing in an area of interest to me: foreigners’ cultural adaptation to Korea. This PhD eventually helped me to obtain a full-time professorship, on par to a Korean professorship, in the Tourism and Leisure Management Department of Induk University. And slowly, over time, this foundation has given me the chance to obtain experiences and opportunities that I would have otherwise not have had the chance to access. I thank Hanyang University’s GSIS Korean Studies Department for providing me with the chance to discover the hidden realities and share in the knowledge of the Republic of Korea’s growing legacy.